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Thanks for dropping by. I reside in Creston British Columbia, famous for it's warm weather, the orchards, Kokanee Glacier Beer, and of course the great views of the valley. I moved to this small border town after a 30 year career with Water Survey.

During the summer months I pull a small KZ trailer around and maybe eventually we will do a real tour across Canada with it. I used to spend time sailing a Hunter but in the spring of 2011 decided to sell it. Of course I miss it, but the trailer seems a little more practical at this time in my life. Living in Creston means that we get our fair share of friends and family travelling through the area, which is nice, as everyone wants to visit paradise.

During the winter months we spend time cheering on the Creston Valley Thundercats, and to make it more interesting, we have opened our home to a couple of players. If that isn't enough, we make sure to have some fun bowling on Sunday evenings. There is a short season of ice fishing and the bass are actually very tasty. Of course the dogs get their daily walk as well.

My favourite radio program is Natch'l Blues on the CKUA Radio. It can be heard from 2:00 - 4:00pm PST (GMT-8) Saturdays. (Live - On Air) Also, be sure to check out my internet radio station; South Kooteney Radio where I'm rockin' my life away.



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