Sunday, 23 August 2009

Finally! On the water again.

Well, here it is a nice Sunday. I think it is time to kick back with a day of sailing. Cheryl makes up some sandwiches while I hook up the boat to the truck and gather all the other sailing supplies.

We head out to Kootenay Lake and the harbour is extremely busy. Boat after boat is pulled into the parking lot, at one time 4 enter all at once. We raise the mast and attach the sails, amazing, no mosquitoes. It must be too hot for them. We launch the boat at about 1:00 pm and the wind is great. Mostly out of the north, but constant and a great speed to allow us to pretty much sail anywhere. We head west across the lake, maybe halfway and then point the boat north. Still very good wind. We make our way up to Armstrong Bay, about 4.5 km north of the harbour, then head back west again. This time I try to angle us up to Redman Point and Twin Bays, but of course that course the wind doesn't cooperate. I think it may take us an hour to get there but decide to head south instead.

We've been on the water about 3 hours and the wind is still pretty decent, oh oh, spoke too soon. Of course it dies down and swirls around, but only for about 15 minutes. Time for me to lay own in the sun and doze off for a few minutes while Cheryl takes the controls. We have just enough wind to get us back to the harbour, and as it is getting later in the day a few other boaters decide to head back to shore as well. There is quite a bit of traffic back at the harbour, but luckily we get in before it gets too busy. That is the nice thing about Kootenay Lake, even though the harbour is busy, the lake isn't. It is so huge that you can sail without anyone even being close to you.

Tearing down the mast and sails went pretty good, but here come the mosquitoes right near the end. We got out of there with only a few bites, but a great day sailing. The long range forecast is calling for 2 more weeks of great weather, hopefully I can get out there a few more times. The days are getting shorter, but temps are still going to be up around the 30C mark. Excellent.


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