Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sandpoint Sailing

Today Louy and I were going to try a spot where I have been wanting to sail at for a while... Lake Pend Oreille
We headed for Sandpoint about 10 a.m. and as usual it was another hot, sunny day. I think the forecasters were calling for 32-34C that day. It turned out to be true. It was exciting when we pulled into the parking lot, quite a few boats trailers were sitting there and the beach had a pretty decent crowd already. Again, it was warm setting up the mast and sails and when we finally launched I had to reach for the cooler for a drink of water.

The winds were light, but good enough to scoot across the lake at least. After about an hour the winds died down and we were of heading to shore for a bite to eat when all of a sudden the wind picked up again. I think we sailed another hour and this time they died off and we were starving so we coasted into the beach area where a restaurant was located. It was nice to sit on the beach to eat and take in the sights. I still can't believe that I had raw tuna for lunch though. Anyway, after a couple of waters, lunch and a beer it was time to head back to the water, but now it really seemed hot. The nice thing was that the wind had picked up and we easily went 5-7 km NE across the lake. I thought we should head back just in case we lost the wind, but we didn't, so it was time for some practice turns. We probably got within 2 km of shore when the winds calmed down but we kept moving under sail at a slow pace. It was pushing 5 p.m. when we hit the marina so we figured that was a pretty good day and we pulled in. Tear down was mosquito less, but it was still extremely hot. We had to pull over to purchase a few ice cold drinks for the ride home.

A great day overall, better than yesterday thats for sure. Two hot days on the water means a couple of burnt out sailers haha.


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