Saturday, 18 July 2009

Dusty Goes Sailing

Well Dusty's holiday in Creston is coming to an end, so we thought it was time to get him out in the sailboat. The sun and temperatures were good, but how about that all important wind?

We load up our gear and snacks and head north to Kootenay Lake, just a short 15-20 drive to Kuskanook Harbour. While setting up the mast and sails the wind conditions look encouraging, excellent.

We launch and head west across the lake, then north. The wind is moving us across the water pretty good. The sun is quite warm, good thing we have the breeze to keep us somewhat cool. About 45 minutes later the wind dies down and after about 15 minutes of being dead in the water we are getting quite warm. Dusty decides that it is time for a dip and off the end of the boat he jumps. Just a little cool he says, yah right. As refreshing as it looks, Cheryl & I decided to stay in the boat. The wind is so very slight, but you can see that the boat is moving in the water, but it isn't tough at all for Dusty to catch us. I'm not sure how long he spent in the water, maybe 45 minutes, maybe a bit more.

Anyway, after Dusty is tired from the swim and still no wind, we decided to pack it in and head to shore. Thank goodness for the 2HP. Even though it wasn't the greatest sailing day it is always good to get out on the water. Now if those darn mosquitoes weren't so thick on shore.


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