Monday, 8 September 2008

Best sailing day of the season?

What an incredible day for sailing. It wasn't the warmest, 23C with high overhead cloud. But the best part was the steady NW wind coming down the lake at approximately 15-20 kmh.

Cheryl and I headed out just after lunch in hopes of a great day on the lake. We wondered how busy it might be now that the kids are all back in school. But there is a high population of retired people around Creston, so we figured that there would be a few boats on the lake. 

When we arrived at the harbour there were a few boat trailers parked and we did spot a little 12' sailboat on the water along with a few fishing boats. Today we had a very quick setup, we actually launched the boat 25 minutes after arriving, not bad at all. As there was a good wind, I thought we would head across the lake, a first with Cheryl. It is incredible how long it takes to get across the lake, even with a good wind. I thought it was at least half an hour. 

Once on the other site we decided to go up the lake along the eastern shore, but the trying to catch good winds going that direction wasn't the best, so I headed NE working our way back to the other side of the lake. About 3/4 of the way across I thought I would head SE instead as the waves and wind seemed to be quite strong going NE. The ride going SE was very pleasant, but we were still up the lake quite a distance. 

We probably got within 2 km of the harbour when all of a sudden the wind died right off. It shifted from the NW to the SW and there wasn't too much wind fill the sails for us. Oh well, time for some relaxing time. We pulled into the harbour under sail, Cheryl did a great job bringing us in as I wrapped up the jib and brought down the main sail. 

I didn't think we were on the water all that long, but when I backed the trailer down to the water I was surprised to see that it was 5:40 p.m. We were on the water for about 4 hours and it was great! 

I think it is time to start wearing long pants though, it is definitely getting cooler on the water.