Sunday, 29 June 2008

Another hot one

Yesterday wasn't hot enough so we thought we would come out for another afternoon on the lake. I must admit, Kootenay Lake has some beautiful scenery, so why not spend the afternoon on the water. Especially in this heat -> 35C.

We got on the water around noon again today and it was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday. The only problem was that the winds died down after about an hour. The problem with no clouds or wind means my skin is starting to fry. I had to dip my hat in the water and keep the skin on my arms and legs moist with water. After about 3 hours of trying to keep cool we decided to head for sure, of course it took a while with very little breeze. Ok, lets start the motor this time

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Hot on the water

We got out to the lake about 11 a.m. and it was already getting pretty hot. Not too much wind, maybe 5 kmh, but we set up and launched anyway. Again we toured the south end of the lake, due to the light winds, so we stayed fairly close to the harbour. 

It was good to have a snack and a huge jug of ice water as it was getting incredibly hot around 1 p.m. The little bit of wind that we did help, but I did have to keep dipping my hat in the water to keep cool. It was a good idea bringing the sunscreen today, not a cloud in the sky, so the sun beat down on us constantly. Not bad for Cheryl who tans instantly, but my skin is about as white as they come and the sun burns me fast and easy. 

Overall though, it was a great day on the water. We spent about 3.5 hours on the lake. 

Friday, 27 June 2008

The seas were angry my friend

Well Cheryl and I showed up at the marina, there wasn't much wind, but we got busy setting up the boat. A half an hour later, I backed the boat down to the launch, what the heck is with all of those crashing waves? We put the boat in anyway and as we just got out of the harbour we we hit with a barrage of some very big waves. I hadn't even raised the sails and I was already thinking on how the heck am I going to get this boat turned around without being swamped. I took a look quite far in front of the boat, trying to time my turn, I made my move and luckily I was now facing the harbour again. 

Time to load the boat onto the trailer, but the waves were causing some serious problems. On the other launch there was a guy and his daughter just getting ready to head out. I didn't say anything to him as the boat was a fair size with a big motor. Anyway, I finally got the boat onto the trailer and out of the water, whew! We proceeded to tear down the sails and put everything away, when the guy in the boat that launched just as we came back in walked over and said that he now knows why we came in so early. I guess one wave came right over his bow and put quite a bit of water into his boat. 

This day turned out to be a practice on setting up and tearing down the mast and sails. What did I learn. Have a look at the launch area before setting up.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Great Sail Day!

The second day in a row that Louy and I went sailing. Light overcast skies with a 10 km constant breeze. Sunny & warm to boot. Today we sail at nice constant speeds with a chance to do some practice maneuvers; jibe, tack along with the man overboard rescue moves. The stronger winds had both Louy and I leaning right over the edge of the boat. The the crazy part is that I could see the centerboard when leaning over that far. Kind of freaky and fun at the same time. It was my first time leaning the boat over so far that the gunwale was actually at the water level. I was hanging on to the rudder stick pretty hard and we were just flying along the water at a very good speed. 

After being on the water for over an hour, Louy thought it might be a good idea if I practiced what to do in case of a man overboard. He tossed one of the floats into the water. I waited until I got far enough away to turn and then head back toward the float. The first try I drove right over it with the boat. OK lets try again, missed. The third time I finally was able to grab the float. Good thing the man overboard was a good swimmer in warm water ha-ha. That whole process was done by me alone, Louy sat and watched and said nothing. Just the way it would be in a man overboard situation. 

OK, back to some fun again. Well, at least that is what I thought. Louy was making sure the boat was really leaning this time. I think he was trying to capsize the boat. Another situation that I should practice, but I wasn't in the mood for it today. After a few close moments Louy said that he didn't think this boat would actually capsize - I thought differently. Sure there is no transom at the back of the boat and the water just rolls down the deck and right back into the water, but you get a strong gust of wind with a guy with not that much experience, I am sure it can capsize :-) 

Anyway, we sailed around Kootenay Lake for a while longer, a total of approximately 3 - 3.5 hours and then headed into shore. Louy wanted me to drop him off on shore so I could go back out alone and he would get a bunch of pictures of me. A few of them turned out, many didn't. I guess I should have gave Louy a little lesson on the camera before heading back out onto the lake. Today was the first time actually bringing the boat into the dock under sail power only, no motor. Not bad for a rookie.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

First time in the water...

Well, it took awhile to get all of the paperwork for importing a vehicle and trailer into Canada, but it was worth it. My buddy Louy, who taught me how to sail, had come to Creston for a few days to go for a sail with me. That made me feel pretty good as I am not what you call an experienced sailor and to have someone out for your first time that has a lifetime of experience is a good thing. 

Setting up the boat took us about an hour. Luckily I had set it up in the driveway last week so I had a pretty good idea of where everything went. Time to launch. 

The weather was great; sunny, warm with a nice gentle breeze of about 5 km. Nothing too heavy, which was great for me. The thing about sailing in Kootenay Lake, the wind seems to swirl around between the mountains on either side of the lake. So judging the wind can be a bit of a problem. That is where the wind instrument on the top of the mast comes in handy. 

Louy and I spent about three hours on the water, getting familiar with the boat. What a nice sailboat. Not much wind is required to move it along nicely. We explored the south end of the lake and I was surprised at how long it took to get to the other side. Louy was quite impressed with the boat and he was great at giving me tips on sailing her. I felt quite comfortable on the water. Yes it was a great day of sailing. 

Once on shore, it took us about an hour to tear down everything before we were able to head home. Gee the mosquitoes were bad on shore!