Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Purchased the Hunter 170

I met with the owner of the Hunter 170 at 0930 hours in Eagle, Idaho - just north of Boise. As he had to leave work to show me the boat the meeting was a quick one. I could see immediately that the sailboat was in excellent shape with virtually no wear and tear. I told him we had a deal and inside we went to complete the paperwork. Signatures were the only thing required as he had everything already filled out. We went back outside and I told Dave that if I ran into trouble with the trailer or anything that I would keep the boat parked in his driveway. Well off to work he went and I hooked up the boat only to find out that the rear lights didn't work. I drove around the subdivision to see if the Woody Wagon (1985) could pull it without any problems, which there was. We drove back to Dave's house, dropped off the boat and trailer, then headed to a Honda shop in Boise. I had scoped out a 2007 Honda Ridgeline on the net before the trip that I thought would be a nice vehicle. Cheryl and I took it for a test drive. Well, it was pretty nice, so we bought it. We headed back to Dave's, hooked up the boat, changed the rear lights in the trailer and headed north back to Creston.