Thursday, 7 August 2008

Matt's last sail

Well the time is near for Matt to be moving up to Valleyview, so we have to try and squeeze in one more sail before he leaves. 

It's another nice day, high 20's, mainly sunny and a decent wind. Of course we are hanging out at the south end of the lake again. You may think this is kind of boring, always being at the south end, but it is a pretty big lake and quite wide too. The scenery is good as well, so why not. Besides, I would hate to be way up the lake and then the wind dies. It must be a good day as there are two other sailboats out today as well, one smaller, the other larger. We all pretty much hang close to each other, perhaps gloating that the ride is not costing us a penny in gas money :-) 

We ended up working on our turns and just enjoying the moment. She is a peaceful day out on the water. We hang out here for about 3.5 hours today before turning the boat toward shore. Not a bad day at all.


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