Thursday, 24 July 2008

More company in town

Terry just left for home after a week in town. Then Chris (Cheryl's brother) drives up with the two boys: Brady & Dustin (Buttercup*) for a week in town. It took a few days, but we all decide to head to Moyie Lake and take the sailboat along. Moyie Lake is about a 30-40 minute drive east of Creston. It was a beautiful day, sunny and close to 30C. 

Cheryl & Buttercup head to the beach while Chris, Brady & I set up the boat. Luckily the launch is not busy and we get into the water pretty fast. There appears to be a problem though, no wind, I mean none at all. Groan. I think that if we get out into the middle of the lake there might be a chance of some wind picking up, but no such luck. We kill the motor and decide to turn a sailing day into a swimming day. It is nice just diving off the boat, the water is quite warm. The Hunter has a good design with no transom at the back of the boat, which makes it so easy to get out of the water. That type of a design is also good as water drains right out the back of the boat, a bailing bucket is not required. Anyway, the lack of wind is such a drag, Chris compares our day to fishing, which to him is a total drag. 

We head back to shore, drop off Brady and take Buttercup out for a spin. Still no wind, more swimming required. Oh well, Buttercup doesn't mind. So back to the harbour we go, tear down, pack up and head home. Overall it was a good afternoon on the water. We stop for ice cream in Yahk at Two Scoop Steve's place. A nice scenic walk down to the river from the ice cream stand. 


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