Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A Full Lean

Beautiful weather plus some nice winds. You know what that means? Thats right, head to the lake with the sailboat. This time I have a new partner, Matt, Cheryl's nephew. 

It was nice to finally get to explore the other side of the lake today, I will do that if the winds are nice. With it being Matt's first time in a sailboat, he was getting the full deal. We had to pay attention with the winds as they were filling the sails out nicely. We scooted across the lake very quick and both of us were leaning over the side the opposite gunwale pretty much touching the water, wow! Talk about exciting. So with the conditions pretty much perfect, lets try practicing our turns, in no time we were turning like a couple of pro's. That is the nice thing about the conditions being just right, it makes for great sailing. Both of us had big grins on today and we spent 4 hours on the water. Most Excellent!


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