Friday, 27 June 2008

The seas were angry my friend

Well Cheryl and I showed up at the marina, there wasn't much wind, but we got busy setting up the boat. A half an hour later, I backed the boat down to the launch, what the heck is with all of those crashing waves? We put the boat in anyway and as we just got out of the harbour we we hit with a barrage of some very big waves. I hadn't even raised the sails and I was already thinking on how the heck am I going to get this boat turned around without being swamped. I took a look quite far in front of the boat, trying to time my turn, I made my move and luckily I was now facing the harbour again. 

Time to load the boat onto the trailer, but the waves were causing some serious problems. On the other launch there was a guy and his daughter just getting ready to head out. I didn't say anything to him as the boat was a fair size with a big motor. Anyway, I finally got the boat onto the trailer and out of the water, whew! We proceeded to tear down the sails and put everything away, when the guy in the boat that launched just as we came back in walked over and said that he now knows why we came in so early. I guess one wave came right over his bow and put quite a bit of water into his boat. 

This day turned out to be a practice on setting up and tearing down the mast and sails. What did I learn. Have a look at the launch area before setting up.


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