Tuesday, 24 June 2008

First time in the water...

Well, it took awhile to get all of the paperwork for importing a vehicle and trailer into Canada, but it was worth it. My buddy Louy, who taught me how to sail, had come to Creston for a few days to go for a sail with me. That made me feel pretty good as I am not what you call an experienced sailor and to have someone out for your first time that has a lifetime of experience is a good thing. 

Setting up the boat took us about an hour. Luckily I had set it up in the driveway last week so I had a pretty good idea of where everything went. Time to launch. 

The weather was great; sunny, warm with a nice gentle breeze of about 5 km. Nothing too heavy, which was great for me. The thing about sailing in Kootenay Lake, the wind seems to swirl around between the mountains on either side of the lake. So judging the wind can be a bit of a problem. That is where the wind instrument on the top of the mast comes in handy. 

Louy and I spent about three hours on the water, getting familiar with the boat. What a nice sailboat. Not much wind is required to move it along nicely. We explored the south end of the lake and I was surprised at how long it took to get to the other side. Louy was quite impressed with the boat and he was great at giving me tips on sailing her. I felt quite comfortable on the water. Yes it was a great day of sailing. 

Once on shore, it took us about an hour to tear down everything before we were able to head home. Gee the mosquitoes were bad on shore!


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